The Term “For Madmen Only” originates from Herman Hesse’s novel “Steppenwolf”, which among other things, inspired the danish poet and singer Eik Skaløe to one of his songs and a generation of young hippies around the world, where the protagonist must free himself from his petty-bourgeois morality to achieve spiritual salvation and purification.

Kun For Forrykte Festival is contrary to the immediate meaning of the words FOR EVERYONE who would like to take part in a 2 day festival with awareness-raising acid rock and folk, local food and gastronomy, micro brews, inspirational talks and where we cultivate the old hippie age ideals of peace, love and humanity.

Kun For Forrykte Festival – pays tribute to the positive ideals from the hippie movement: free love and gender equality, anti-materialism, & non-violent behavior, spirituality and cultural diversity and tolerance.

Kun For Forrykte Festival 2023 is held in the beautiful park in the small town of Stubbekøbing on Nordfalster, and is within walking distance to both a beach and a cozy town center.

From Stubbekøbing there is also a ferry connection to Bogø.

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SHOULD WE BUY THE TICKET IN PRE SALE? Yes, we would recommend that – as we only sell around 1800 tickets to the festival in 2023. So there is a risk that the tickets will sell out quickly. The festival is fenced in so that guests have an optimal experience in an intimate setting, but with plenty of space for everyone.

WHEN DO WE OPEN: We open at 12:00 Friday June 9. We open at 12:00 Saturday 10 June.

SLEEPOVER: It is not possible to spend the night at the festival, but there are several possibilities locally:

http://stubbekobing-camp.dk/ (Local camping site right next to the festival) http://www.stubbekoebing.dk/overnatting1 (Portal to local B & Bs in Stubbekøbing) http://www.bedandbreakfastdanmark.dk/ (Search Falster)

HOW LONG WILL THE MUSIC PLAY? The music ends at midnight each day, and the festival site closes at. 01:00 in the night.

LOCATION: (75 min drive by car from Copenhagen)



Gamle Landevej 4

4850 Stubbekøbing